Meal Update 2012.04.30

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - I really want a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich.  I took the hot sauce marinade recipe from Primal-Palate, and made a lettuce wrap.  Topped with tomatoes, onions, and guacamole (cause mushy avocados makes everything taste good).  I wanted to make some sort of Paleo mayo, but I didn't have time between my workout and my "I'm hungry and need to eat NOW" time to wait for an egg to reach room temperature (which I guess makes the mayo the right consistency).  I'm not a big fan of lettuce wraps, because lettuce rips.  It rips in your hands, all the goody inner fillings fall out, and your hands are covered in juices and food.  That makes me mad, and I got mad today.  Next time, this will be a faux-Wendy's chicken salad.

And here are a couple pictures of Jimi, just because he is the love of my life.


Meal Update 2012.04.29

BOO, the weekend is almost over.  I guess I can't complain too much - my company is taking us golfing tomorrow, so it's kind of like an extended weekend where I'm forced to spend that extra day with people I can't stand anymore.  Ok, maybe it still sucks but I will put on a happy face!

Here are my meals of the weekend.  I really need to remember and take more pictures but it's kind of hard to when I'm so cramped for space, and there are no pretty spots in the house.  Excuses, excuses...

Taco Salad - The mix of seasonings really smelled like I poured it out of a taco seasoning packet.  Key word in that sentence is "smelled".  It did not "taste" like it.  Thank goodness for that tomato/avocado/lime sauce.  That MADE the dish.  And I bought store-prepared fresh salsa that had jalapenos, cause I like to get kicked in the face when I eat.  Just like I like a good kick to the face when I drink (hence, whiskey lover).  I got some nice leafy salad greens, but next time I will opt for some shredded lettuce for some more crunch.

Meatza - I topped my giant meat patty with tomato sauce, green peppers, and onions.  I really enjoyed my first serving, but I felt like it was missing something.  There was just way too much meat; I'm talking about a 1" thick patty meant for a giant.  I am not a giant.  I added some guacamole the next time I ate it, and it was wonderful.  I got a canned tomato sauce, but it ended up being too thin; I'll definitely go for a chunkier sauce next time.  To be honest, I didn't miss the bread crust, but I did miss the cheese.  OH, how I missed the cheese!

Fudgy Brownies - I'm human.  And a girl.  So naturally, I crave sweets.  I also don't like when I "can't" eat something, so I tend to think about it obsessively.  Why suffer?  There are plenty of Paleo-friendly dessert recipes out there.  It might be a slight cheat, but I can't go crazy!  Enter, gluten/soy/dairy-free chocolate chips by Enjoy Life.  These are legit; they taste exactly like regular chocolate chips.  I ate a handful, just so I could make sure it was tasty, and report back to you.

In other news, Titan and Jimi are getting crate-trained because they cannot be trusted alone.  Also, it is a little impractical to strap on shock collars, set up hidden cameras, and spy on them whenever we leave the house... we really thought about it.  They are so adorable, even when I know they hate me for trying to turn them into controlled domestic pets.  I also love when they are cuddled up together, and I can tell myself that I'm a genius for sensing that Titan needed a brother.


Meal Update 2012.04.27

I'm on my 10th day of a strict Paleo diet. It's actually going really well... except for one thing. Since I make meals with 4-5 servings each at the beginning of the week, I end up eating practically the same thing everyday. My meals seem boring, repetitive, and not OH-MAN-THIS-IS-SO-YUMMY-I-AM-EXCITED-IT'S-EATING-TIME. I'm not sure how to solve this problem, except to make something new every few days, instead of the mass cooking fest I have on Sundays.

I'll figure it out, one day.

Here are recipes from my previous posts:

Zucchini chicken casserole - Liked it, it was great for heating up and eating on the run. I think I'll try broccoli and breakfast sausage next time.

3B Chili - Absolutely delicious. Do not skip the butternut squash because then it's just plain chili. The squash makes the dish!!

Honey Dijon Pistachio Encrusted Steak - This was yummy. I thought the mustard flavor was a little strong, so I'll cut down on that next time. The steak is extra delightful if you put it under the broiler for a few minutes before serving. I also found that my steak took a little longer to bake (around 40 minutes), but I like mine cooked medium well.

I didn't include recipes for the cilantro chicken nuggets and the crock pot stuffed bell peppers because they were... YUCK! So YUCK that I didn't even eat the bell peppers (holy seasoning mishap!). The chicken nuggets left a lot to be desired, but I was hungry so I scarfed them down with some mustard to mask the taste.

I was doing well with my fast food cravings until I smelled some Taco Bell yesterday. Oh man, that smell GOT me. I thought about throwing Paleo out the window, and chowing down on some Nachos Bell Grande and 2 chalupas. But I restrained myself, and looked up a Paleo taco recipe online. I knew my recipe trove on Pinterest would come in handy some day (well, I actually use it a lot). I went to the grocery store (does anyone else reach a zen state of mind while food shopping? I love it), and stocked up on ingredients for 2 recipes and some fruit.

Taco Salad

The fruit really helped with my snack/sugar cravings. And these recipes have my tastebuds dancing in anticipation. I'm ready to do the damn thing! Pictures to be posted soon...

2 weeks until I'm laying on a beach in Turks & Caicos with some smuggled tequila and whiskey in my hands! Double fist, yah!!


Meal Update 2012.04.01

Breakfast for the week - zucchini chicken casserole:

Lunch - 3B Chili (bacon, beef, butternut squash) is simmering in the pot:

Chili is topped with roasted butternut squash. Yummy.

Other meals planned (pictures coming later):
Lunch - Cilantro turkey nuggets
Dinner - Pistachio encrusted honey dijon ribeyes
Dinner - Crock pot stuffed bell peppers