Pieces of my Heart

All week, I've been feeling Titan up, and crying out in agony.  I can't believe I have to live without him in my everyday life.  I'm so glad I have Jimi to ease the pain.  I wonder how he will feel about the separation.

Titan and Jimi like to spoon.  I wish I was fast enough to catch them in their deeper spoon.  Titan was even more close to Jimi and had his head resting on Jimi's back. They're so cute together.

Jimi thinks he's the number one priority in my life, and he's right. Yes, Jimi - go ahead and take a nap between my legs while I'm trying to fold laundry.  I forgive you, because you're too damn cute, and I love the stupid spotless naked half of your body.


Turks & Caicos: Days 4-7

Day 04:

Grocery store lunch: fried chicken, potatos, and peas n' rice. Rickety ass dock where the parasailing boat picked me up - Boy did not want to go (pussy). As I started to take off, the man spread him arms and said, "You're free!".  And as I got a bit away from the boat, I did the same - I'm free! Yes, I was way the fuck up there; can you believe how tiny the boat looks?? I got motion sick, and then the rest of the boat ride and waiting for the other people to take their turns sucked.  I'm glad I did it, but it's definitely one of those "do it once, no more" things. Pic of fat lizard - we kept looking for ones missing tails cause apparently they can shed their tails if they are caught by predators. Went to Jimmy's again for a fish sandwich and a couple happy hour drinks!

Day 05:

This was a real lazy day. We explored some stores near the hotel; one place had rum cake that was sooo moist. Grocery store lunch: chicken tenders and fries. Dinner at Hey Jose's - horrible food, and horrible service! That, mixed with the stiff drinks at Jimmy's afterwards led me to puking at all hours of the night... and the next day. Those drinks are for serious. A $3.50 margarita tasted like a shot of tequila with each sip. I only had 2, and that was ENOUGH.

Day 06:

We rented a car for the day (so cute, right?). It was Boy's turn to shit his pants cause they drive on the "wrong" side of the road there. We managed our way to Da Conch Shack - ate some delicious conch fritters (yes, still squishy), Boy had blackened fish, and chocolate rum cake! I was still sick from the day before so I was just picking at the food. I'm sad I wasted most of the day being sick, cause I missed the chance to explore this bookstore - it was called The Unicorn Bookstore, and that was the only reason I wanted to go inside. Dinner was at The Hole in the Wall - recommended by many, favorites of the locals. Their jerk chicken and pork were fantastic. They also had a groovy band playing the night away.

Day 07:

Boat expedition out to Chalk Sound! Man, this is where the rich must live it up! The vacation villas are amazing and eye-boggling. Captain Bill is an amazing old man. His humor extremely in line with mine - sarcastic and bitter. We went snorkeling around Turtle Rock - you know it looks like a turtle! Saw some more fishies with my shitty camera, but the squids and the barracudas eluded us! I was so scared being in that water, even though it was maybe only 8 feet deep. I spent the first 20 minutes hyperventilating in the water, then finally began to trust the snorkel and the floaty belt they handed out. It was fun! Then, Captain Bill (who is pictured explaining that the proper way to throw an anchor is to let go of it) took us to an old pirate cave and showed us some treasure map carvings. We saw a bunch of pelicans, and Boy got roped into dressing up like a pirate to put on a very confusing theatric performance. But he got a free shirt out of it, so good for him. Eagle ray spotting!

Then, Captain Bill took us to Bonefish Point. It was a secluded beach with a large sandbar area. My camera died right after Boy's pirate performance, so the rest of the pictures were taken with the disposables. I wanted to snorkel some more, but we just got done chasing a dolphin in the boat, only to realize it was a shark... We hunted some starfish down, and grouped them all together. So we basically made a bunch of starfish late for wherever they were going. Boy modeled for me a bit, because he's my bitch and he does what I tell him. Captain Bill cooked up some jerk chicken, hot dogs ("tube steaks"), and "the best damn 'slaw"! Dinner was at Tiki Hut for chicken n' ribs night. EH, not that great. Plus, we were so tired from being in the sun all day; all we wanted was to go back to the hotel and relax before returning to reality...


Turks & Caicos: Days 1-3

Day 01:

Got an upgrade to 1st Class on the flight from Atlanta to Providenciales! Got spoiled with a yummy roast beef sandwich, mimosas, and a endorphin-inducing chocolate brownie.  I looked out the window at the ocean, and noticed a bunch of dark shapes in the water. After 5 minutes of racking my brain, wondering what those were, I realized that they were just the clouds' shadows - YOH MOMENT! Red wine with my Kindle? Don't mind if I do!

Stayed at the Comfort Suites.  Boy and I both have rewards memberships so we got 4 of the 7 nights for free. Baller! The pool area was pretty nice, but we didn't spend much time there cause there was this little thing called THE ATLANTIC OCEAN near by. That's the driveway up to the hotel - so pretty.  Boy doesn't like to wait for me while I take 5 million pictures, so I have a lot of him walking away from me. Oh, and lizards are the squirrels of the Carribean.

There was a grocery store right by the hotel, and everyone recommended it as a cheap lunch option.  They were not lying. We really liked the meat and side options they had, and we also bought a 6 pack of the island's beer.  Birthday dinner at Coco Bistro - I had conch ravioli (yes, it was kinda squishy), and the coconut cream pie was DIVINE! I took 2 pairs of heels with me, and didn't wear them a single time. I think being fashionable on vacation is only a reality for celebrities. Who can walk miles in heels and nice clothes without showing up at their destination all puffy-footed and sweaty?

Day 02:

Beach day! Comfort Suites had a private section of the beach, and we had no problem laying our claim to a couple of the beach chairs. Lunch at the grocery store was fish n' chips, with a side of peas n' rice (peas = beans). Dinner was at Jimmy's Dive Bar. Being the overreaching alcoholics we are, we decided to get The Shark Bite drink.  Yes, it came in the fish bowl. Yes, it came with the shark toy (we got to keep it). Yes, I love the shark toy. Drunk eyes! We only got 2/3's of the way through; there was just no way...

Day 03:

Grocery store lunch: ribs, potatos, and peas n' rice. We rented snorkel gear for the day, and I pretended not to shit my pants everytime I put my head under water. I stuck to areas where I could stand; baby steps! I saw a school of minnows, and some translucent fish. Boy saw a baby sting ray out in the deeper areas that I avoided. I bought a couple disposable waterproof cameras; some of the pictures turned out well, but the underwater ones were horrible - a few of them are above, and you'll see more later; I tried to edit them using Lightroom. We went for a nice walk on the beach; the weather was so perfect, and the sand was just so... sandy. Don't stray too far off land - the sharks will get you! Dinner at Danny Buoy's - forgettable.


Meal Update 2012.05.07

Who says you can't eat healthy on the run?

Carl's Jr Low Carb Six Dollar Burger - no mayo, no ketchup, no cheese. YUM!! I may have tried eating it while driving, and ended up with some burger juice on my clothes, but it was worth it!

Smashburger is another good option, but Carl's is cheaper.