2012.06.27 WOD and FOOD

Yesterday was a weird day. I was too lazy to make breakfast, so I munched on a slice of the coconut fruit pie while laying on the couch; I was working up the energy to make some real food, but my phone alarm kindly gave me a 15-minute reminder that I had an early morning meeting.  I rushed to work, stood half-asleep at the meeting, then realized I left my laptop at home. I rushed home, made myself some turkey guac/apple roll ups, then dragged myself to work again.

Before I knew it (just kidding, I looked at the clock every 10 minutes), it was lunchtime! I was excited for lunch because I had spent the previous evening cooking up a storm. Check out the recipe here for a gyro salad.

She is right about the pot of lamb looking a little gross submerged in water and lemon juice. But look at how crispy and juicy it becomes after the liquids are absorbed/cooked out! I also made the olive oil mayo; to be honest, I really didn't like the taste of it, but the sauce I made with the mayo was delicous (recipe also found in link)! I cut up a cucumber, tomato, red onion, and lettuce for the salad. It's been really hot here, so a salad was really refreshing.

Lamb with seasoning.

 Lamb in lemon juice and water (looking blah).

About 2 hours later, the water is almost cooked out.


No Jimi, you can't have any.

The WOD was harder than I thought it would be. I've done "Annie" before, but the sit ups have never been anchored (feet held under dumbbells). I thought it'd be easier - not!


50-40-30-20-10 (10 min cap)
Double Unders
Anchored Sit-Ups

We had to pair up for the workout, and count reps for our partners. I was the last kid picked for softball... and needed the instructor's help getting paired. Why am I such a loner? And than I was a major FAIL at counting in the beginning because I spaced out, and I'm pretty sure my partner did closer to 60 double unders than the 50 he was supposed to. Whoops!

I scaled the double unders down, as advised. I was supposed to do 30-25-20-15-10, but accidentally started with 35, then went down to 25 in the second round. The sit ups were the hardest. I reached the 10 minute cap, and didn't get to do the final 10 double unders and 10 sit ups. Boo! Oh well, it was still a good workout, and I felt really good about my jump roping skills. I did a lot of reps unbroken, and didn't feel sloppy.

Had leftover fried "rice" for dinner, and stayed up late watching a re-run of The Next Food Network Start. I don't really like anyone this season, except for Justin - "the rebel with a culinary cause"!


Paleo Desserts: Banana Coconut Cream Fruit Pie

Banana Coconut Cream Fruit Pie


2.5 cups walnuts
1 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp butter (melted)

1 can coconut milk (chilled)
1 banana
1/4 tsp cinammon

Your choice!


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Chop up the walnuts (I used my blender, but fancy knifework will do the trick), and mix in the baking soda. Melt all the butter (I used Kerrygold's Unsalted Butter - it's made from grass-fed cows), and drizzle into the dry mixture.  Mix it all together until the butter is spread throughout.  The crust didn't have too much flavor (as you can tell from the ingredients); I may throw in some spices next time, maybe nutmeg or cinammon.

Dump the mix onto a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil or wax paper. Shape it into a flat rectangle, or any shape of your liking.  Bake for 15-20 minutes.

Make sure you chill your can of coconut milk (I chilled mine over the weekend, but overnight should be good). This allows some of the milk to solidify on the top portion of the can. Only scoop out the solid portion, and becareful not to get any of the liquid. For me, about half of the can was usable solid milk.  Mince the banana, and throw it into the solid coconut milk, along with the cinammon.  Use a spoon or fork to mix together (I found a whisk to be too flimsy).

Allow your crust to cool down; I threw mine on a wire rack, and let it sit for an hour.  When the crust feels cool to the touch, I spread my cream on.  If the crust is too warm, your cream might melt.

Place your fruit on top! I used strawberries, blueberries, and kiwis because I like things to be very colorful.

If you want a no-bake dessert, just eat the cream and fruit like a parfait! Or you can just crush up raw walnuts and sprinkle it on top! Enjoy!

2012.06.26 WOD and FOOD

I locked myself out of my apartment when I went to walk Jimi, and I had to wait about 20 minutes for someone to exit the building. By then I had already told my boss I was going to be late, so I took my sweet time getting ready. Made myself a sausage frittata topped with guacamole, and a side of strawberries. I'm getting really sick of eating eggs. I think I'm going to start hardboiling them to see if that makes me hate them less.

Since I ate a late breakfast (8:30am), I wasn't too hungry at lunchtime, but I still ate.  I made a pork chop (seasoned with salt, pepper, and rosemary), and grilled it on the stove in olive oil with sauteed garlic.  I placed it on a bed of lettuce, and ate it like a salad.  I regret not finishing it all, cause I got hungry in the afternoon with no snacks in sight.

I rushed home after work (I always run out of there like a bat out of hell (What does this phrase mean? Wouldn't all nouns capable of moving, move at a speedy pace out of hell?)), and made myself my go-to snack. Apple and guacamole rolled up in deli turkey.

My 6:30pm class at CrossFit was intense.


"Fran" (4 min cap)
Thrusters (53#)
Pull Ups (Jumping)
=72 reps

Rest 4 min

"Helen" (10 min cap)
3 rounds
400m Run
21 KB Swings (1P)
12 Pull Ups (Jumping)
= 2 rounds

Rest 4 min

"Randy" (4 min cap)
75 Power Snatches (53#)
= 20 reps

The running really slowed me down. I didn't like that they made me scale down to jumping pull ups, I would have prefered to use a band. Another tough WOD that made me feel very out of shape. I think I sweat more than normal people, cause I swear I am already dripping after warm ups.

Went home and reheated the Kimchi Pork Fried "Rice" I had made the night before. The Siracha sauce isn't Paleo (has some sugar) but I threw it on anyway. The "rice" is cauliflower, and I used coconut aminos instead of soy sauce. Yum! The kimchi is from Whole Foods, and is Paleo-approved.  I spent the rest of the night prepping food for today, making dessert (check upcoming post), and watching "Craft Wars" on TLC (so terrible).


2012.06.25 WOD

I decided to post my CrossFit WOD's (Workout of the Day) and results here.  Hopefully it will keep me motivated to go regularly, and kick ass!

Yesterday was my first group WOD at the new gym. It was a tough one, especially after not really working out for a month.

3 rounds (16 minute cap):
20 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (1.5 Pood)
200 meter walk with KB (1.5 Pood)
20 KB Goblet Squats (1.5 Pood)

Result = 1 round + 7 squats

I used the prescribed 1.5 Pood weight, but it killed me on the goblet squats.  After the high pulls and walk, I had a hard time flipping it upside down and lifting it high enough to do my squats.  The coach told me to take my time and not worry about finishing the 3 rounds. I ended up only getting 7 squats into my 2nd round. BOO! I'm hoping for better results today.


Meals and Mo'

Realized I do not have a slow cooker... so I found this dutch oven recipe for pulled pork. It turned out delicious. It shredded super easily, and the juices were great for saving and using as a gravy. I love when I have an excuse to use my Le Creuset pot!

Got this idea from Food Network's Ten Dollar Dinners. I go home everyday for lunch to escape the horrible workday, and this is one of the cooking shows I catch during that time. This was great and super fast. I didn't have wax paper, so I just used aluminum foil, and it turned out well. The veggies were steamed in the broth, and the fish soaked up the broth flavors as well.

One of my dinners: dutch oven pulled pork, garlicky mashed cauliflower (needs to be heavily seasoned), herb gravy, and an apple.  Didn't find the gravy necessary since I saved the juices from baking the pork.

Hash: roasted sweet potatoes, baked bacon, sliced almonds, and 2 eggs. Breakfast of champions! This made me really full (in the good non-bloated way)!

I bought pre-made butternut squash soup and jalapeno chicken sausages from Trader Joe's. I really hated the soup; I'm going to make my own next time, but the sausage "crutons" were yummy! This meal isn't strictly Paleo, but it was fast and easy.

Fried tilapia on salad greens, and strawberries. I went home for lunch, and felt absolutely lazy. It took me 5 minutes to prepare the fish, and I threw it on some lettuce. I only seasoned the fish with salt and pepper, but it was soooo tasty, and I didn't need a dressing for the salad. The strawberries are from Trader Joe's, and they were perfect.

Ordered some meat from US Wellness Meats.  They are a really good source of grass-fed meat. I'm having trouble finding the cuts of meat I want locally, so this is my Plan B.  They came frozen and vacuum sealed in a huge styrofoam container, so you don't need to worry about the meat spoiling during delivery. I'm super excited to go carnivore on this. Use the promo code "PALEO2012" to get 15% off your first order.

Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob in Omaha. Meet the Doner Kabob Sandwich. I first had this bad boy when I was semi-blacked out, and it was just as tasty eating it sober. I thought about it at least 3 times/day since I ate it. The curry fries are interesting, but probably won't be getting those again.

Did you meet my cat, Jimi? This is where he likes to hang out. When I'm sitting on the couch, he likes to perch up there and lean his butt against my head.

After 4 LONG weeks, I finally made it back to SLC. I spent a lot of time cuddling and petting my honeybun, Titan. Look how cute he is, just hanging out in his crate. When the crate door closes (not latched), and he wants to get in, he actually paws at it until his claw hooks the door, and then he swings it open! Such a smarty.



The sun was setting, and a storm was brewin' on my way back to Omaha from DC, which made flying really beautiful.  I really love clouds; I still get excited when a plane I'm on flies through one, cause then I am IN the cloud.  Anyway, here are some pics.  I left them unedited because I think they are pretty neat, and I wanted to show how crazy it looked naturally. Enjoy!


Took advantage of my first free flight by going to visit my sister in DC.  I haven't been here since last year, and it was such a short visit, so there was a lot of catching up to do (food stuff).

Clockwise from top left: Japanese noodles (jja jang myun) with fried rice; Ben's Chili Bowl dogs and fries; Founding Farmers stuffed french toast; Sno-To-Go stuffed snow cone; Sal's beef steak sandwiches and chicken parm.

Went to Busch Gardens on Saturday; we got there early enough that we didn't have to wait very long in line.  Both my sister and I love to be in the front row, and I screamed my head off on one of the roller coasters where your feet dangle in the air (similar to Batman at 'Six Flags'). The best part of the day was the animal show.  There were lots of trained dogs, cats, mice, a pig, ducks, pigeons... my favorite was a green parrot named Stevie who could do math.  He was sooooo adoreable!  I really like that poster on the right; it's so strange and makes me slightly uncomfortable.  We went shopping at an outlet mall for a few hours afterwards because there is nowhere to shop in Omaha - I'm dead serious.  Unless you buy all your clothes from Kohl's.

Drove around DC to take in the sights. It was too hot, and I was very sleepy all weekend from eating so much food, so we did a lot of drive by shootings (camera).  The White House (the flag up flying high, so the head cheese was there!), the National Monument (America's cock), and a statue of Stonewall Jackson.  We also hit up the National History Museum at the Smithsonian; my favorite exhibit was the collection of photographs of nature and wildlife.

I never got to spend much time in DC before, but the city seems pretty cool.  It was nice getting out of Omaha for the weekend; it's been painfully slow going here, and I really haven't found anyone that I have any interest in talking to.  Luckily some company folks will be in town this weekend for the College World Series, so I'm hoping to meet some people through them.



Whatever the whatever. The iPhone is cooler than I expected, and I can now take lots of pointless pictures without effort.

Set up my wireless network. Not surprising that it has something to do with Jimi.  Everyone show me your surprised face.

Had a freak out moment when I saw that a layer of Jimi's paw pad was peeled off - look, it's flapping! I washed it with a damp cloth, and put some Neosporin on it. My poor baby! He's been playing too hard.

Signed up for my intro classes at my new CrossFit.  I think it's a bunch of BS that I have to go through all of these again (and pay an ungodly amount), but whatever. I need something to do.  I think their online scheduler is pretty neat, too.

I'm leaving Jimi this weekend, so I'm taking him to Camp Bow Wow! He gets to run around all day with the other "campers", and I even get to watch a live video cam feed on the internet (yes, there is an app for that). $40/night isn't too much for my love nugget's happiness, is it??  He needs to pass the interview first... should I buy him a bow-tie?


W/E 2012.06.01-06.03

My padres came to visit this weekend; I hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving, so it was about time! My mom went nuts and bought me a year's worth of supplies from CostCo (I had to send her back home with some), and some tasty Korean food.  It was sooooo great eating "real" food again. I'm sick of stupid American cuisine.  We went to a steakhouse near my apartment; it was pretty good - not anything too fancy but definitely better than your average Outback or Texas Roadhouse. The awesome statue helps, too. We hit up the Farmers Market today - not bad, Nebraska.  I picked up some fresh produce, and my mom picked up some cucumbers and roasted nuts for their drive home.  They, of course, could not resist loving on my Jimi. My dad still loves Butters more, but he's just lying to himself. Jimi is way better.

Speaking of Jimi, he's awesome. I bought him a shark outfit - total impulse buy. I really didn't want to dress him up; I bought a couple things for Titan, but I think he looks okay in clothes cause he's one brown color.  But Jimi looks adoreable as a shark. I also bought him a little rope tug-of-war toy cause that's one of his favorite things to do. Such a big dog trapped in a little dog's body. He also sleeps like 20 hours a day, which is cool for me.

After my parents left (so sad), I got started on cooking some meals for the week. I made marinade for the flank steak, and the pico de gallo to top it off once it is grilled. I also made a sausage and onion egg casserole that I'm going to cut up into squares for a quick breakfast. I just need to make it through 4.5 days of work before jetting off to DC to see my favorite (not by choice) sister!