2012.07.02 - 2012.07.09 Catching Up

Find 1RM (one rep max) for Power Clean
= 99.2# (Beat my old 90# score on my last attempt!)

"Brenton" (15 min cap)
5 rounds:
100 Feet Bear Crawl
100 Feet Standing Broad Jumps w/ 3 Burpees every 5 Jumps
=  I have my time written in my WOD book; I know it was over 12 min but I FINISHED!

"Tumilson" (20 min cap)
8 rounds:
11 DB Burpee Dead-lifts, 30#
200 Meter Run
= 7 + 1 rep

Conditioning: 1x5 Deadlifts = 165# (Yay)
Jumping Pull Ups
Anchored Ab Mat Sit Up Air Squats (scaled to 2 separate movements)
= 11:50 (Finally, a WOD that I KILLED)

I spent my 4th being really bored, watching an insane amount of TV (mostly 'Drive-Ins, Dine-Ins, and Dives'), and cuddling with Jimi. It was really boring. Boo hoo, sucks to be in a new city with no friends. I walked over to the fireworks show; it was kinda lame until the end when they set off a bunch in a row, and there were pretty sparkly colors everywhere. I also saw a ton of floating lanterns; I need to try this.

Boy came to visit over the weekend. We ate steak, ate tacos, gambled, bar hopped, ate sushi, saw Savages, ate breakfast, gambled some more (I won $10!), and then he was gone. Weekends need to be longer.

I'm going to spend this weekend trying to perfect my skills for the girl's weekend surprise. I hope I can pull it off, cause I'm pretty excited about it! And I hope I finally get around to painting Jimi's bed. Also, I have an appointment to get my hair colored, but I'm kinda freaking out about it. I was looking at getting the ombre/melt (really like Jessica Biel's color here), but it's been so long since my virgin hair has been touched by chemicals.  NOT SURE WHAT TO DO!

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