2012.07.10 - 2012.07.11 WOD and FOOD

My mom was right - soccer ruined my calf muscles. I have HUGE calf muscles, and the only solution to thinning them out seems to be long distance running. CrossFit does not do long distance running - WOD distances usually stay between 200m-800m; sometimes more, sometimes less. Since I don't have to be at work til 8am, I don't see why I can't fit in a run in the mornings. I'm doing good so far; I ran on Monday, and I ran today (Wednesday). I'm starting slow, because I'm scared I'll hurt my knees again (anyway, I am by no means a quick runner). I just want to work up to a comfortable 5 miles, and be consistent with it. Maybe do a longer 7-8 miler once in a while. It's going to take a while, but I'll get there! Side effects? SLEEPINESS DURING WORK. But that may not be the running.

20 minute AMRAP
3200m Run (100m = 1 rep)
300 reps combined: Burpees, Wall Balls (14#), DB (35#) Walking Lunges, Double Unders
Customize your own rounds - stick to 200m-600m runs, combined with at least 8 reps/movement.
I did: 400m with 10 reps each, 400m with 10 reps each, 400m with 15 reps each, and 400m with 30 DU's = 178
How I feel about it: BLAH. Really wanted to finish 4 rounds.

Not for time:
3 rounds:
[3 sets:
2 weight pull ups (scaled: pull up negatives)
3 strict pull ups (scaled: banded strict pull ups)
4 kipping pull ups (scaled: jumping pull ups)
Rest 1 minute
30 sec AMRAP: shoulder to overhead (63#)
Rest 2 minutes]
I did 2 sets of 4 kipping pull ups and then my arms turned to jelly. Wasn't really in the mood to be there; I'm ready for my rest day.

Here's what I've been eating lately (can you tell I have a lot of ground beef and avocados?):



1. Applegate Red Pepper link, eggs, tomatoes, and avocado. 2. Mahi Mahi tacos with pineapple and watermelon. 3. Sliders with spinach/zucchini and kimchee. 4. Bunless burger with toppings (lettuce, tomatoes, fried egg, jalapenos, and avocado), and sweet potato fries. 5. Salmon, asparagus, and kimchee.

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